How Did I Get Here …

Unlike many writers I did not major in literature or English in college. In fact, I majored in being a “C” student, being in a social fraternity and working very hard at playing.  “How then,” you may ask, “did you become a writer of Christian fiction?” That story would probably be an entire book to itself. Let me fast forward to two spiritual experiences. The first I’ll touch on briefly, while the second I’ll spend a little more time.


At age thirty-one I had a sure ’nuff early morning encounter with My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. With an open Bible in front of me and the sun coming up on a brand new day, I became a new creation. Sins (and they were many) washed down the kitchen sink as I poured out every drop of liquor in the house. That began the pilgrimage that continues today.


A couple of years later I attended a Youth Evangelism Conference in Dallas, Texas. Surrounded by tens of thousands of excited youngsters I did not anticipate the ambush God had planned for me. As Christian singer Al Denson sang, Will You Be the One? I felt the weight and power of the Holy Spirit drive me into my seat. The question felt as though it was just for me. On that day I answered, Yes Lord. I’ll go where you lead. I’ll do whatever you ask me to.


You might expect my testimony to read, “…and then I went to seminary and became a pastor.” Or, “…and then my wife and I sold all we had, gave it to the poor, went to a land nobody can find on a map and ministered as missionaries.” Not so. I did take some seminary extension courses and have been an interim pastor and an associate pastor, but those were relatively short lived. That was not the call on my life. My call is do “whatever, wherever, whenever.”


That leads me to my becoming an author. With, Will You Be the One? always fresh in my soul, God paid another quiet visit and put within me a desire…no, a compulsion to write. The characters and story came easy, but not the skill to be a decent writer. That takes work—hard work, much study, reading and re-learning all the things I thought were so unimportant in high school and college. The Lord very graciously gave my wife and me a “Year of Jubilee” in order for me to learn to write and for my wife to learn to edit. The result of that year is The Peacemakers Series.


The “Year of Jubilee” ended and I am back earning a living. But, The Peacemakers Series lives on. In the make believe world of CJ and David Harper, the truths of God’s love are still being woven into the fabric of the stories God continues to give me. I’m just passing them on to you.


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