Joy in the Morning … or Lessons from the Grand-dog

IMG_0328After writing The Key, I realized some of the habits of the main characters, CJ and David, mirrored my own life. They are early risers and almost always begin their days with a mug of hot coffee and an open Bible. It is a rare day at the home of Bruce Hammack that this is not part of the ritual…rise early, feed Mittens the cat, plop down with a steaming cup of mud, reach down beside my brown recliner and pick up my Bible and journal. Then, I usually watch as my wife Joyce passes by with her Bible and journal, heading to her favorite spot. An hour later we have something truly worthwhile to talk about. That’s the way the day usually begins, and has for over twenty-five years.

A recent visitor to our home gave me pause (or is it paws) to re-examine my attitude about the mornings. Sweetie Pie, my daughter’s dog, came to Grandaddy’s summer camp while her momma, a youth director, took her charges to Colorado to perform service related ministries. The white Spitz mixed breed stayed almost a month and taught me lesson after lesson about joy.

In the next installment of THE PEACEMAKERS SERIES, They Sow the Wind, Billy Paul Stargate has this to say about CJ and David’s dog, Sandy: “If people was half as good and smart as that dog is, this old world would be a lot better off.” I’m not sure about how smart Sweetie is, but there can be no doubting her loyalty. More than that, I’ve never seen man or beast that was as joyful about being alive, especially in the early morning. Most nights she slept by my bed and couldn’t wait to see me rise. She literally spun in circles every day when my feet hit the floor. At times, I thought for sure she would injure her back from wagging her tail too hard.

Now that my grand-dog is back with her momma, I think of her often, especially in the early mornings. Oh, to face God each day with such joy. How pleasing would that be to our Father? Then, to go out into the world and face people with a similar attitude…perhaps Billy Paul’s opinion of men would equal what he thinks of Sandy.

My prayer for you is that, no matter what yesterday held for you, you would find joy in the morning. Psalm 30:5.


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