Birth Pangs … Again

What’s it like to be on the verge of publishing your second novel?
If you are reading this, (of course you are, what a silly thing to say) you probably have read book one of THE PEACEMAKERS series, The Key. Book two, They Sow the Wind, is just days away from delivery. It will enter that magic world of cyberspace and, unlike a real child, will be available for the entire world to see on e-readers and computer screens.

As a proud parent, I desire as many people as possible to see this new “child” of my imagination. Is there anxiety about the birth? Not really, it’s more like excitement of what might become of her. Just like a real baby she will be adored by some and ignored by others. But…who knows what she will become. Perhaps she might be adapted into a play, perhaps a movie, perhaps a television pilot or even a series. Most likely she will lead a quiet life and simply be enjoyed by relatives and friends she makes along the way. But, who knows? She may be destined for greatness.

The thrill about writing and publishing a book is the uncertainty of what might be. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first book, or number fifty. You toil month after month. You write, edit, rewrite, edit, revise, recruit readers to critique, revise and edit some more. Then, when the book is full term, you send it out into the world to see what she will make of herself. Just like a real child, she comes with no guarantee of success. To this parent she already is a success because…because she was dedicated to God’s glory, just like our real children.


One response to “Birth Pangs … Again

  1. You are a good writer, Bruce Hammack. And all the glory goes to God, the Giver of every good and perfect gift. Why has God seen fit to enable you with this gift…now? His timing is so important. Apparently now is the time for your stories to be put to paper, and once these words are engraved on that ‘paper’, even if it is on the World Wide Web , they cannot be erased. Those that choose to hear the inspiration, joy, faith, loyalty, and good clean fun in your stories will be blessed, as I was. And whether readers enjoy these stories now, in a few years, or fifty years from now, the same will be true.
    Janet Reeser

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