Change of Seasons…

Just like a parent who has their second child is no longer a new, first-time parent, I am no longer a new, first-time author. I have entered a new season of life—two books published, with two more written and being edited. Last week Joyce (my much better half) sent the latest in THE PEACEMAKERS SERIES, They Sow the Wind, into that mysterious place called cyberspace for publication. The labor of months of writing and editing and rewriting is now out in the cruel world…or in a “cloud” or somewhere in a computer in a far off land where it joined her older sister, The Key. And just like that ‘second-time’ parent, I feel like passing out cigars.

But, as with life, the season of celebration ends all too soon and we move on. Just like the the season of spending all day writing—my year of jubilee ended and I’m back to working a “real” job in sales. Early mornings, evenings and weekends are my new times for spinning tales of the exploits of CJ and David. This has its pluses and minuses. On the good side I am back in the world, dealing with a wide variety of people. I find I study them more; how do they look, how do they move, what hand gestures do they use, how do you know when they are telling the truth, or lying? People are absolutely fascinating. The variety of shapes and sizes and personalities and quirks and smirks and the length of skirts and…sorry, I got carried away with rhymes.

Before I leave my thoughts about the people I’ve been working with, why don’t you join me as I consider them? Let’s see, one is the French airline pilot, his wife and their young daughter…then there is another young couple, she was a missionary to China for a season, they also have a little girl…and yesterday another couple with a son and a toddler daughter…and one of my co-workers is pregnant and waddles like a duck. Hmmm…perhaps the next story needs to introduce a baby or two.

The point is, God created so much for us to see just by looking at a single person, let alone the variety of people we see every day. And here is the really neat part…they are always changing. Isn’t it amazing how each person can laugh and cry, and shout and sing, and curse and pray? In They Sow the Wind I tried to show the range of emotions people experience, especially the main characters. Circumstances come upon our hero and heroine so fast all they can do is react. This reveals their character. It also reveals the character (or lack thereof) of those around them.

Enjoy the new book. It’s time for me to put on some sunscreen and a pathetic straw hat. The back yard needs mowing…It’s that season, you know.


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