Suddenly …

Today is another routine day— at least that’s how it feels. We rose early, had our morning cup of mud, spent time with the Lord, wrote in our journals, and went our separate ways. Joyce left to ferry grandchildren to school, and me? I’ll jot a few lines for a weekly blog, eat a bite of breakfast, gather up my computer and head off to work. Just another day…or is it?

Not knowing the answer to that question puts the element of the unknown in our lives. Most days are mildly flavored with just a dash of the salt of life; mundane and not hardly worth mentioning. But then…suddenly, something happens. That “suddenly something” will be immediately categorized in our mind as either good or bad, depending on how we perceive it. Our hitting a cow a couple of months ago while driving home from my daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner is still the latest entry in the “Bad Suddenly Something” file. The latest “Good Suddenly Something” occurred some days back. I was awarded a six-day, all-expense paid vacation for two to a resort in Costa Rica from my employer. I’m now suddenly thinking of clear waters, mild breezes off the Pacific, and hand in hand walks with Joyce. I’m also suddenly in full diet mode.

These “Suddenly Somethings” happen to everyone, but they seem to come with alarming frequency to CJ and David in both The Key and They Sow the Wind. They are, with some significant exceptions, ordinary people walking through life when circumstances cascade over them and they must react—in ways that reveal their character. There is nothing like having the heat turned up to find out what a person is really made of. A few days ago Oswald Chambers addressed this very fact in his classic devotional, My Utmost for His Highest. “We imagine we would be all right if a big crisis arose; but the big crisis will only reveal the stuff we are made of, it will not put anything into us….Crises always reveal character.” And I believe God is much more concerned about our character than our circumstances. He uses our circumstances to mold us into the people He desires us to be. Chambers’ point was the only way we will truly be ready for the “suddenly something” in our life is if we have made it a practice to spend personal time with the Lord…regularly.

And what about you—have you been ambushed by life lately? Think about it for a few moments. If not, then you might be overdue for a “suddenly something.” Who knows, it might be today. Whenever your next “suddenly something” happens, like CJ and David, it will reveal what is deep within you. May God find each of us prepared for the next trial, or the next blessing.


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