Older and Wiser … or Not

Not  long ago I watched a Ms. Marple mystery (Anyone out there an Agatha Christie fan?). As usual, the plot twisted and turned and left my head spinning as I tried to figure out “who-done-it.” In this particular episode a completely unique character was introduced; a maid in a hotel where a host of nefarious things were taking place. The heroine, elderly Jane Marple, was a guest in the hotel and began unraveling twisted plots of murder and international art thefts. It soon became obvious the elderly sleuth and the hotel maid shared a kindred spirit as they joined forces to solve the crimes. Alas, the younger of the two (like me) reached the wrong conclusion while the seemingly omniscient Ms. Marple solved the crimes. The last scene showed the pretty young woman putting her gray-haired role model in a cab as she asked a question, “How can I ever become as wise as you?”

A two word response and a reassuring pat on the arm was all the answer she would receive. “Get older,” said Ms. Marple.

Great truth lies in those two simple words, but don’t be deceived. Age, by itself, is no guarantee of wisdom. There are plenty of old, foolish people around. What age gives us is perspective; specifically a good perspective on seasons. No, I’m not talking about spring, summer, fall, and winter; I mean patterns of change. As surely as winter’s cold and heatless grip gives way to new life in spring, laughter follows tears and justice follows injustice.

The third book in The Peacemakers Series is entitled “Season of Justice.”  Based on the familiar passage from the second chapter of Ecclesiastes we see that to everything there is a season. In this book we are introduced to several new characters, those with a little gray on their temples. One character, like Ms. Marple, has the ability to pat people on the arm and speak a word of wisdom. The others?  Let’s just say they sowed bad seed in the spring and in summer watered their crop from fouled wells. A season of harvest is coming for them, but I don’t think they will be pleased with the results of their labors. They would have done well to have pondered Proverbs 16:20:

He who heeds the Word wisely will find good,                                                                     And whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he.

Well, in the end, I believe they will have plenty of time to ponder…


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