Bruce Hammack

Bruce Hammack is an author living in Central Texas. He enjoys writing good, clean stories with vibrant characters, snappy dialogue and serpentine plots. He is currently hard at work on the Smiley and McBlythe Mystery series.

Exercise is Murder, the first book in the Smiley and McBlythe Mystery series

How does a blind man solve the murder of his old college roommate?

Still adjusting to life without sight, former Houston homicide detective Steve Smiley finds an unlikely partner in the person of Heather McBlythe, who is doing some starting over of her own. Together they are determined to put a name to the “who” in this who-done-it.

Bruce's Story

Being raised the son of an Air Force pilot must have instilled a love for travel in Bruce Hammack. At last count he’s lived in eighteen towns or cities across the country and overseas. This wanderlust has resulted in exposures to interesting places and people that have a habit of showing up in his who-done-its. Bruce’s first paid writing gig came in the form of a twenty-five dollar savings bond. After waiting until the due-date of the civics assignment, he propped himself up in bed at first light, unsheathed his trusty blue Bic pen and shot from the hip. The Lions Club of his small Texas town thought the essay deserved printing in the local newspaper. The English teacher that edited the essay may still be shaking her head in disbelief.

The next major stop for Bruce was college and graduate school in the piney woods of east Texas. He followed this with a twenty-three-year career in his chosen field, Criminal Justice. A series of mini-careers in ministry, manufacturing and sales followed, along with the desire to write good, clean stories with vibrant characters, snappy dialogue and serpentine plots.

When not writing, Bruce enjoys film noir movies, well-written mysteries, a quiver full of children, even more grandchildren, travel and his wife of over thirty years. He tolerates an aging gray cat with a missing front fang and a sketchy attitude.

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