About Bruce


DSCN0374The only thing I ever anticipated writing was policies and procedures related to whatever job I currently held. I’m convinced now the Lord had other plans.

As 2011 gave way to 2012 I began to “see” characters in my mind’s eye. Definitely a new experience for me. When they wouldn’t leave me alone, I took pen to paper and began to write who they were—what they looked like, where they came from, where they worked and lived—everything about their lives just seemed to flow out.  After several characters had illuminated themselves, I began to think about writing a book chronicling their lives, their adventures and their faith.

In February of that year my wife, Joyce, and I went to visit missionary friends who had established Fields of the Fatherless Ministry in Uruguay. Leaving my everyday world behind to help on the ministry’s farm gave me time to stop and listen. By the time we returned home, I was certain the Lord was telling me to do something with all those characters roaming freely in my mind.

Then came the story; unlike anything I’m accustomed to reading. When people would ask me to describe it (what genre), the best description I could come up with was, “It’s a Christian romance, adventure, mystery kind of thingy.” All I knew was I needed to write. So, I left my job in the spring and entered into a “Year of Jubilee”—a year dedicated to serving the Lord with my writing. My wife and I chose to go the self-publishing route with my first book, The Key, and published the work in ebook format. It was closely followed by two more books. And then life happened. I’m sure you all know how that is…family responsibilities, job, aging parents, etc., etc., etc. But in a corner of my heart, I yearned to write, asking God frequently what I should do with what He had obviously given me. And He has been faithful to answer me. I have now begun the pursuit of my writing again in earnest. One thing the Lord laid on both our hearts was not to ‘go it alone.’ As Proverbs 18:1 says, “A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wisdom.” I needed help in learning the craft of writing, as well as fellow writer friends who could come alongside me to critique and encourage me as I go. I am now studying, writing and plugging into local and national writer’s groups.

Undergraduate and graduate studies in criminal justice, as well as a twenty-three-year career in a state prison give the background for some of my stories. I am a licensed, ordained minister and have had several opportunities to work in ministry, both part-time and full-time. I rely heavily on this wealth of real world experiences in developing my characters and their lives. My wife, Joyce, and I currently call Central Texas our home. Our five children and six grandchildren are scattered from Texas to Chicago to North Carolina.


2 responses to “About Bruce

  1. I love you and I’m very proud of you!!!

  2. martha sparkman

    WOW! so good to hear from you and learn about your writing. you are one of my favorite people in the whole world. I know I will be inspired by your books sparkie

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